• You are a fantastic person.

    You really are. You've got to stop beating yourself up and realize that. Dont listen to him(her). You have so much to offer. Whatever they say, remember we're here for you.

  • Support is so subjective.

    If you have any questions about our company or our games, contact us at wigglewiggle at wigglypickle.com. We will do our best to help. And by the way, have we told you how great you look today?.


Ideas to improve our games? Things you love?

Tell us. We want to keep learning and improving our games for you. Drop us a line at wigglewiggle at wigglypickle.com.

Glitches. Bugs. Headaches.

Like Pokemon, we want to catch them all. Let us know where you've found them and we'll give you a big Wiggly Pickle thank you.

We like you. We really do.

The best way for us to make the best, simple games we can is to keep in touch with you. Yep, you. So talk to us, we're listening.