• Stop it. It is not a porn site.

    That pickle on every diner, deli and family restaurant plate, it is a color unlike any in nature. Except maybe for those poisonous Costa Rican rainforest frogs. Ever pick one up? Not the frog, the pickle. Next time, give that pickle a shake.

  • We make games.

    You may not pay any attention to that wiggly radioactive fruit spear next to your sandwich, bagel or blintz, but we want you to pay attention to us. Our games are fun (and funny), inexpensive and challenging. Just like us.



Ever want to throw something at someone? We do too! Throwing a tomato at our husbands for reals is way too much of a mess. Plus, lugging around perishable fruit in a purse is impractical and smelly. We are working on version 2.0, be patient. New baby on board. In the meantime, insert shameless self promotion.

Meet Sethy Boy

He is the guy with the big idea that if he ever opened a bar or restaurant, it would be The Wiggly Pickle. It'll be some years before he is beer legal, so we hijacked it. He is also the head of our security department.


Because one day we are going to holiday in a hut, over the sea, with a whole bunch of family and friends and do nothing but sip mai tais and relax. Dream big right? And we're new, so it's really just filling some space.